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Saturday, May 13th, 10 am to 2 pm - Prior to the Bench Dedication, FFPC will be holding its annual Park and Woods cleanup with activities for the kids and fun for all as we make our park and woods shine!
Saturday, May 13th at 2 pm - by the Flagpole in Farrell Field Park. We will be having a dedication ceremony for the Memorial Bench donated by the Farrell family, as well as a Memorial Bench donated by the Benezra-DeStefano family. All are welcome. Village President Sheena Collum, along with members of the Farrell Family and Benezra-DeStefano Family will be there! Also Rick Farrell will be donating an historic artifact to the South Orange Public Library!

Rich Bruno Bench1.JPG

DONATE A BENCH!! - We are now offering MEMORIAL BENCHES for Farrell Field Park as part of our fundraising campaign. Are you interested in dedicating a new park bench in honor of your family or a loved one? We offer the chance to purchase a bench and have it placed at an available location in the park. The benches are the highest quality style and material, made completely from recycled material. You can see one installed at the park right now - it is on the south side of the playground area and is dedicated to a long-time friend and neighbor of the park. Come sit on the bench as you enjoy the park and decide if you would like to donate a similar bench for someone you love. For more information CLICK HERE.

New Pedestrian Bridge Rendering.jpg

NEW BRIDGE AND BIKE PATH COMING SOON! - The South Orange Environmental Commission and River Greenway Committee have been working hard to get shovels in the ground this year on this project which is being funded by $1.5 million in grants. A new pedestrian/bike bridge similar to the two other bridges over the East Branch of the Rahway River (one near Flood's Hill and the other by the South Orange Pool) will be constructed just south of the old pump house at the bottom entrance road to the DPW facility. In addition, a bike/hike path will be constructed on both sides of the bridge, extending from New Waterlands Park (behind Gaslight Commons on Third Street) over the bridge and through Chyzowych Field to Parker Avenue in Maplewood. This will create a direct biking and walking connection, providing a safe path for families to bike and walk to downtown South Orange.

298 Walton winter view.jpg

VILLAGE OFFICES IN 298 WALTON BUILDING - The Village of South Orange Township is currently using the office space in the building at 298 Walton (entrance down the the side-road by the tennis courts) for their Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, as well as the Parking Authority and DPW management. So ... Welcome to the neighborhood!!

IMPORTANT COMMITTEES CONTINUE THEIR WORK -  Committees have been formed within FFPC to deal with current issues that affect the park and surrounding area.  Their work is summarized below.  Please email to sign up for one or more of these committees:

  • Village Water Plan Liaison Committee - this committee has worked over the past four years with Village administration and New Jersey American Water as their agreement and plan to bring new water to South Orange was implemented.  The roadwork that took place adjacent to the park and in the surrounding neighborhood was completed without mishap, and the construction of a Pumping Station on the DPW Driveway across from 298 Walton was completed. On January 1, 2017, South Orange Village had a new water provider, and we were proud to help do our part. NJAW has been a great neighbor so far and most recently, they upgraded the landscaping around the pumping station at our request, adding evergreens that will provide a buffer year round, and also adjusting their lighting design to accommodate nearby neighbors.

  • Trail and Bike Path Committee - With the new bridge and walking trails along the river, this committee is dedicated to the study and implementation of trails and bike paths in the woods that connect Farrell Field Park to the River Greenway hike/bike trails, as well as Third Street Playground with direct routes to downtown South Orange and the high school in Maplewood. We plan to organize trail building teams, so if you are interested in joining in, please email us!


  • Traffic Calming and Safety Committee - THE BUMP-OUTS ARE A SUCCESS! The traffic calming measures that we had been seeking on Walton Avenue since 2010, including "bump-outs" to protect pedestrians crossing to the park at Lenox and Audley were installed in Spring 2018, and we have seen the positive results since then. The safety for pedestrians, especially during T-Ball games, and high-use periods, has been drastically increased. On another front, a 4-way stop has been installed one block from the park at the corner of Ridgewood and Lenox, a site of many accidents over the years. Our committee worked with the Village and the South Orange Transportation Advisory Committee to get this done, and it, also, has been a huge success, improving safety at that corner by sharply reducing accidents.


  • Landscape Design Committee - This committee is hard at work coming up with ideas for new landscaping at the park. Our most recent success is the replacement of the old chain-link fence with a post and rail fence, creating a natural, welcoming entrance to the park at Walton and Lenox, where the new traffic calming crosswalk steers pedestrians into the park. In addition SIX NEW OAK TREES have been added along Walton Avenue, courtesy of a South Orange Environmental Commission grant program, spearheaded by Barbara Bour.  Finally, our DONATE A BENCH campaign (see above) will create a park that welcomes all to come and visit. If you are interested in having input on this committee, please send us an email.


MEMBERSHIP DRIVE CONTINUES! - Visit the Become a Member page to sign up to become a VOTING MEMBER or NON-VOTING MEMBER.  If you want to have a vote in the FFPC decisions that are important to our park, neighborhood and town, make sure you pay your dues to become an official voting member!  Memberships dues are $25 annually, which will give you the right to vote for the Governing Board and important issues that affect the park, neighborhood and village.  The more members we have, the better the opportunity for improving the quality of life in our community.  Whatever you choose, let's work together to make our park and town better!


OUR FACEBOOK PAGE COULD USE SOME LIKES! After you check out this wonderful new website, don't forget to put our Farrell Field Conservancy Facebook Page on your radar and keep us in your social loop!


To preserve, enhance and protect our parkland,

and encourage open space conservation.  

We have many missions, but our overriding goal is to work cooperatively with the Township of South Orange Village to help restore, renew, and assist in the maintenance and development of Farrell Field Park for the enjoyment of township residents and its many visitors.  The goal is to protect open space, raise public awareness and support the rehabilitation of the park as well as improvements to the park.  Select Mission to read our "official" mission statement.

We have so many projects it's hard to keep track. Check out our Projects page to see what's on the agenda, and feel free to help out.  Here are a few of the things we are doing: 


  • Donate a Bench

  • Protect Our Trees Project.

  • Traffic Safety and Walton Avenue Improvements. 

  • Historical Preservation Project.  

Membership is the lifeblood of our organization.  The $25 yearly dues help us manage basic necessities. Volunteering time is a wonderful way to make your dues have an effect. We are always looking for people who have a special skill or profession and would like to lend a hand.  Kids are welcome!   As a Farrell Field Park Conservancy Member you will be able to vote for the Governing Board among other things.  For more info on what being an FFPC Member includes, please go to our Membership page.

The best way to donate is to become a member. However, if you prefer not to become a member, but want to support our efforts to actively engage in open space conservation of the woods and wetlands as we preserve and enhance our park we of course welcome any gifts.  To donate, please go to our Donation page.  If you donate $150 or more you become "Friend of Farrell" and receive recognition on a park display.

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