Our Projects.

These are just a few of our current projects ...

New Playground Equipment.


FFPC's Playground Committee worked with the South Orange Rec Department to select and install new playground equipment. A vendor was chosen, designs submitted and the Village Board of Trustees has approved the expenditure.  The new equipment has been a complete success with many new visitors to the park enjoying the playground! 

Protect Our Trees Project. 

A committee is being formed to inventory, catalog and protect the trees that are part of the park and woods.  Hurricane Sandy did much damage, but our committee is dedicated to maintaining our wonderful trees.

Traffic Safety and Walton Avenue Improvements. 

FFPC is actively working with the Village of South Orange to calm traffic on Walton Avenue and make access to the park safe for children and adults.

Historical Preservation Project. 

Farrell Field Park is rich with history. A committee is being formed to document and present the facts about our park's history that few people are aware of.