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Our Projects.

These are just a few of our current projects ...

Donate a Bench Website photo1.JPG
Donate a Bench Campaign.


​The community is invited to donate memorial benches to honor their family or loved ones. The six foot benches are made of the highest quality 100% recycled materials and come with an engraved bronze plaque made to the specifications of the donor. We offer the chance to purchase a bench and have it placed at an available location in the park. You can see one installed at the park right now - it is on the south side of the playground area and is dedicated to long-time park denizen, Rich Bruno. Come sit on the bench and honor Rich as you enjoy the park and decide if you would like to donate a similar bench for someone you love. For more information CLICK HERE.

Greenway Trails Project. 

With the new bridge and walking trails along the river, we are now planning the implementation of trails and bike paths in the woods that surround Farrell Field Park and connect our park to the River Greenway, as well as Third Street Playground with direct routes to downtown South Orange and the high school in Maplewood. We plan to organize trail building teams to enhance the paths that already exist, so if you are interested in joining in, please email us!

Bumpouts and crossing flags2.JPG
Traffic Safety and Walton Avenue Improvements. 

FFPC is actively working with the Village of South Orange to calm traffic on Walton Avenue and make access to the park safe for children and adults. In 2018 new "bump-outs" were installed to protect pedestrians crossing to the park at Lenox and Audley, and we have seen the positive results since then. The safety for pedestrians, especially during T-Ball games, and high-use periods, has been drastically increased. On another front, a 4-way stop has been installed one block from the park at the corner of Ridgewood and Lenox, a site of many accidents over the years.

Historical Preservation Project. 

Farrell Field Park is rich with history. A committee is being formed to document and present the facts about our park's history that few people are aware of.

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